About Us

We directly service some of the leading global label stock manufacturers, flexible packaging converters and large scale printers of the region. And we have an established distributor network for synthetic paper.

Product Portfolio:

We have a robust portfolio of Cosmo Synthetic Paper in both coated & uncoated formats in extensive microns range available for diverse print media. We also have overwrap films and films for pressure sensitive labels.

We have an extensive range of packaging, labeling and lamination products available for this market. The following application segments consume most of our packaging & labeling films.

  • Beverage Labeling
  • Rigid Packs Labeling & Lidding
  • Fresh Food Packaging
  • Confectionary Packaging
  • Stationary where are white films do well
  • Graphic Arts industry which consumes both wet & thermal lamination films as well as thermal specialities

Production Facilities

Cosmo has 5 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spread across India, US and Korea.

Installed Nameplate Capacity :

BOPP Thermal Coating Metalizing CPP CSP
Waluj,Aurangabad,India 5 Lines 2 Lines 3 Lines 1 Line 1 Line
Karjan,Vadodra,India 3 Lines 1 Line 2 Lines 1 Line 1 Line
Shendra,Aurangabad,India 1 Line 4 Lines 2 Lines 1 Line
Asan,Korea 1 Line
Hagerstown, US 1 Line
TOTAL INSTALLED CAPACTIY 2,00,000 TPA 40,000 TPA 16,000 TPA 20,000 TPA 9,000 TPA 7,200 TPA